10x10 Mesh .025" Wire .075" Opening 54.3% OA

Preventing a Wildfire by Simply Using Wire Mesh for Your Chimney

During this time of year fire danger is real all throughout the United States.  The threat is of those devastating wildfires is real between the drought most of the U.S. has experienced and the cold weather, which is having people light more fires within their chimneys at home a nightly basis.  This makes it especially […]

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How to Use Drying Racks in Many Different Ways

Using a drying rack has an unlimited amount of uses.  If you like working in your garden or even cooking from scratch in your kitchen, then you should think about putting a drying rack into your garden area and adding one into your kitchen, which could have many more uses than just cooking from scratch. […]

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5x5 Mesh .041" Wire .159" Opening 63.2% OA

Looking to Build an Aviary at Your Home?

Do you have a feathered friend or friends you are looking to get into a nice newly upgraded aviary?  This could be a great DIY project for you if you like working with your hands.  You might want to consider building your own aviary instead of buying an expensive one from the local pet store.  […]

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How Can Sintered Wire Mesh Help Keep Your Water Cleaner

After we all witnessed the water crisis in Flint, Michigan our water safety is not necessarily guaranteed.  Any oversight, even the smallest oversight can lead to a significant health crisis when the water supply has been contaminated.  Since this water crisis you will notice there is more of a concern and interest in water filtration […]

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Why are Metal Mesh Sheets Useful?

Metal mesh sheets are useful material made with all types of different sizes of metal mesh.  Mesh specifications can be modified depending on the alloy used, the size of the openings and the thickness of the wire. Materials which is include, but are not limited to stainless steel, galvanized steel, plain carbon steel, aluminum, copper, […]

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6x6 Mesh .063" Wire .104" Opening 38.9% OA

3 Ways to Maintain Safety by Using Wire Mesh

When you think about wire mesh you might question how it can help impose safety.  However, wire mesh is used in a wide variety of capacities all over the world and is the often-unseen force that makes communities a little safer. The first use is for concrete reinforcement.  Since we depend on these concrete structures […]

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Using Wire Mesh Drain Filters

Metal mesh is used most commonly in households or businesses.  Some of the most common uses are strainers made from stainless steel, which are often used in sinks, showers, and bathtubs.  At Lawrence Sintered Metals we offer a wide variety of metal mesh and metal screen for health and safety.  A variety of metal screen […]

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8x8 Mesh .063" Wire .062" Opening 24.6% OA

Differences Between Plain Mesh Weave & Plain Dutch Weave

Depending on the type of mesh you choose at the time you are purchasing a sintered wire cloth will help determine the characteristics of that cloth and whether it will hold up to do the job you want it to perform.  Depending on type of weave changes the functionality of the sintered wire cloth, so […]

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