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Different Types of Metals and Their Uses

Are you looking for a product that will allow for ventilation, good drainage, or perhaps even adding a decorative touch?  Lawrence Sintered Metals offers a few different options to choose from, which include Expanded Sheet Metal, Perforated Sheet Metal, or Welded/Woven Wire Mesh. Wire Mesh (welded) Welded wire meshes have the wires welded together at all intersections […]

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80x80 Mesh .0055" Wire .0070" Opening 31.4% OA

Filtering Gases, Liquids and Solids Using Stainless Steel Mesh

When someone thinks about the uses for wire mesh, window screens or the heavy metal screen you use on the fireplace comes to mind.  However, there are so many uses for wire mesh, including separating or filtering gases, liquids, and solids.  In fact, these days, we can make stainless steel mesh so small, that it can actually […]

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Wire mesh fireplace screens

Metal Mesh Chimney Screen are Important Part of Fire Prevention

There are over 25,000 chimney fires per year in the US that are responsible for over 125 million dollars in property damage, this is according to the latest statistics available. The most sobering statistics relate to deaths and injuries that can result from chimney fires that spread into house fires.  No one wants to ever […]

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250x250 Mesh .0016" Wire .0024" Opening 36.0% OA

Filtration Methods That Use Wire Mesh

At Lawrence Sintered Metals we provide wire mesh for all types of filtration uses, including keeping pests out of unwanted areas to making sure dangerous animals are contained properly.  One of the more popular uses for our wire mesh is for filtration. There are many industries out there that use filtration systems to manufacture their […]

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8x8 Mesh .063" Wire .062" Opening 24.6% OA

Quality Assurance Using our Inspection Process

Our metal wire mesh is used for many types of industrial projects. Our wire mesh is used to protect homes and businesses from invaders, to keep dangerous animals contained, and to filter out harmful materials. It’s used in food processing and to protect against sparks that could cause a fire. Our customers depend on the […]

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Three Ways Wire Mesh Makes Us Safer

Wire mesh may not seem too impressive or imposing when you see a big roll of it. However, wire mesh is used in a wide variety of capacities all over the world and is often an unseen force to make communities a little safer. 1.      Concrete Reinforcement We depend on concrete structures to hold us […]

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Why are Metal Mesh Sheets Useful?

Metal mesh sheets are useful material made with all types of different sizes of metal mesh.  Mesh specifications can be modified depending on the alloy used, the size of the openings and the thickness of the wire. Materials which is include, but are not limited to stainless steel, galvanized steel, plain carbon steel, aluminum, copper, […]

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Using Wire Mesh Drain Filters

Metal mesh is used most commonly in households or businesses.  Some of the most common uses are strainers made from stainless steel, which are often used in sinks, showers, and bathtubs.  At Lawrence Sintered Metals we offer a wide variety of metal mesh and metal screen for health and safety.  A variety of metal screen […]

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Why Wire Mesh Is a Smart Choice for Architects

An architect is both a builder and an artist. He or she must create something unique, beautiful, and intuitive while also making it safe, sound, and strong. Wire mesh is a highly versatile tool that can help architects be both artist and builder. It allows you to express your creativity and can also be used […]

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