Wire Mesh DiscsLawrence Sintered Metals is able to supply a variety of wire mesh discs in different alloys and a wide range of diameters.

We can offer wire mesh discs, circles & rectangles. Wire mesh disc sizes available range from just a few mm in diameter to as big as you need.

  • Aluminum Discs
  • Brass Discs
  • Bronze Discs
  • Copper Discs
  • Galvanized Discs
  • Plain Steel Discs
  • Sintered Mesh Discs
  • Stainless Steel Discs
  • Welded S/S Discs
  • Disc Stamping

The most economical method for fabricating precise discs and simple flat shapes is the process of stamping (“blanking”). Most of our mesh discs are cut from rolls of wire mesh with readily available punch and die sets.

We can produce inexpensive “short-run” tooling for small quantity items or for large quantity parts we can furnish high production solid tooling.

Wire Mesh discs can be used as inline filters, inside pipes, tubes, ducts, and a wide range of other filtration applications. Discs can be supplied in a wide range of diameters, and utilizing other cutting methods they can be cut to fairly large sizes.

What we offer for your wire mesh/wire cloth discs:

  • Full traceability
  • Short or Long runs
  • Discs with an ID hole ( donuts)
  • Wire disc manufacturing using high speed stamping machines
  • Very accurate disc diameters down to ( +/- .002 inch)

We stock our mesh and cut our mesh into discs for you. We can do custom work for your project.

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