Woven Wire Mesh: Gas and Oil

Lawrence Sintered Metals offers a variety of fine woven wire meshes to the oil and gas industry for use in refineries and other filtration needs, including sintered wire mesh with perforated metal for use in oil wells as sand control screens.

Sand control screens are constructed using multiple layers of woven wire mesh. The laminates are designed to combine filtration-specific characteristics of specialty woven products with more conventional, robust woven products.

The sand control screens have the following benefits:

  • Broad filter woven metal mesh selection (micron rating) providing effective sand control, for a wide spectrum of formation sands.
  • Diffusion bonding of the woven wire mesh ensures fixed pore geometry – assuring effective sand control under high operating pressures.
  • High porosity leads to lower pressure drops, and increased service life.
  • Controlled monolithic woven wire mesh structure is designed for optimum filtration (precise particle control) with quality mechanical properties.

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