One of our products that is now commonly used in the Agriculture and Irrigation industry is our sintered wire mesh with perforated metal.

Wire Mesh: Agriculture & Irrigation

In this application, the sintered sheets are rolled into tubes and welded to form cylindrical filters. The fine mesh is used as the filter media while the support layer of perforated metal provides mechanical strength and allows water to flow through.

The main concern with these types of welded cylindrical filters is the delamination of the sintered layers when rolling and welding, so when choosing a sintered wire mesh supplier, be sure to work with one that provides assurances against delamination of the sintered layers.

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Some of the other common uses for wire mesh in Agriculture and Irrigation include:

  • Aviary Wire Supplies
  • Bird Wire Mesh Netting
  • Fencing Wire
  • Fencing and Security Wire
  • Garden and Household
  • Rodent Wish Mesh
  • Dog Wire Mesh Fence
  • Rural Wire Fence
  • Sheep Yard Mesh
  • Live Stock Wire Mesh Fence
  • Chicken Wire Netting
  • Rabbit Wire Netting
  • Heavy Wire Netting