2x2 Mesh .0632x2 Mesh .063" Wire .437" Opening 76.4% OA

2×2 Mesh .063″ Wire .437″ Opening 76.4% OA

Wire Mesh is used for many types of security from theft, rodents, keeping only those who are authorized to enter an area and more applications.  The metal mesh sizes that are available conform to what is needed for the type of window of security needed.

Wire mesh comes in many sizes and adaptable industrial product. It is commonly used to prevent unauthorized access to secured areas, to protect equipment and machinery, or to guard against vandalism of windows and doors. Used in residential and commercial settings, wire mesh is commonly found in many types of parking garage structures, public transit stations, amusement parks, schools,  college campuses, machine shops, chemical plants,  manufacturing facilities, churches, prisons, gymnasiums and stadiums.

Factors need to be reviewed in deciding what specific wire mesh is best for your particular application is to identify the appropriate opening size and diameter wire needed. Type of materials selected for your wire mesh is also important.  Most outdoor environments stainless steel is preferred.  Plain steel will rust in most outdoor settings, so customers will often paint it or apply a special coating.

Many of the wire mesh sizes shown on the wire mesh sizes page are available from stock or can be quickly manufactured.

Please contact us to discuss your requirements for your wire mesh application.

4x4 Mesh .032" Wire Welded .218" Opening 76.0% OA

4×4 Mesh .032″ Wire Welded .218″ Opening 76.0% OA

3x3 Mesh .047" Wire Welded .286 Opening 73.6% OA

3×3 Mesh .047″ Wire Welded .286 Opening 73.6% OA