316L stainless steel wire mesh screen is resistant to pitting by solutions containing chloride ions, phosphoric acid, sulfuric acid, and brine solutions. Type 316L or T-316L is a very low carbon stainless steel containing molybdenum for superior corrosion resistance. The general corrosion resistance is similar to Type 316 SS, but 316L SS has superior resistance to intergranular corrosion following welding.

316 SS, 316L SS wire mesh screen is used in chemical, food, pharmaceutical, medical, refining, power plant, aircraft, photographic, textile, paper equipment and strainers.

Type 316L is used over 316 in assemblies which cannot be annealed after fabrication by welding. Can be used at temperatures up to 1600°F.

Type 316L wire mesh screen is nonmagnetic, however it is slightly magnetic when cold worked.