Fabrication Services

Lawrence Sintered Metals offer many types of wire mesh fabrication services:

Flattening Wire Mesh

Wire Mesh Punching

Lawrence Sintered Metals can take care of your wire mesh punching needs. Our Wire Mesh team has the expertise and tooling to deliver a quality product, per your exact specifications and can work with both woven and welded wire mesh.

Learn more about our wire mesh punching services here!

Shearing & Cutting to Size

As a full service manufacturer and distributor LSM of wire mesh and wire mesh products, who continues to be an industry leader in shearing and cutting mesh to size. Cutting-to-size all shapes and sizes of both woven and welded wire mesh.

The edging of a cut-to-size piece is critical and producing the following edging on most meshes: Dimensionally Cut, Close Trim, Balanced Stubs, Raw Edge, Open/Untrimmed Edges, with or without Selvage Edge and Edge Hemming.

Wire Mesh Welding

Wire Mesh Welding

Available in stainless steel, galvanized and plain steel, welded wire mesh has become a staple in the wire mesh and wire cloth industry.

Lawrence Sintered Metals offers an extensive inventory of welded wire mesh. For more information on welded wire mesh, visit stainless steel welded wire mesh or custom manufactured welded wire mesh.

To meet the demands of a wide array of industrial users, while also maintaining a full-range of welding machinery.

Wire Mesh Seaming

Many industrial users have a particularly unique application that cannot be handled by the standards of the wire mesh industry.  Lawrence Sintered Metals seams woven wire mesh.  Capabilities  also available are to splice, or seam, two pieces of mesh to create one large piece.

Wire Mesh Notching & Slitting

Lawrence Sintered Metals proposal staff has the experience and knowledge to analyze prints; our fabricating technicians have the expertise and tooling to deliver a quality product, per your specifications.

Many industrial suppliers require mesh to be slit down to an even narrower width for use in a particular application.  Lawrence Sintered Metals is well prepared to handle virtually any slitting requirement; our  in-house slitting machines –along with our hand-slitting techniques utilized on certain specifications –allow us to slit material to a fraction of an inch while provided quick deliveries.

Wire Mesh Inspection

Lawrence Sintered Metals does extensive inspection of all material prior to shipment. Quality Control wire mesh is a top priority at Lawrence Sintered Metals.  With many years in operation within the wire mesh and wire cloth industry, LSM has become a very trusted in the areas of wire mesh & wire cloth manufacuting, as well as fabricating services.