Welded Wire Mesh Panel Applications

Lawrence Sintered Metal’s Welded Wire Mesh Panels are made of the highest quality for all types of projects.  Welded wire mesh is a combination of low cost, ease of use and versatility, which makes it a popular choice for many different applications.  Contact us for more information about wire mesh panels.

  • Fences, Gates and Security Windows: You’ll find welded wire mesh fences, gates installed and window guards at residences and commercial and industrial properties.

  • Architectural: Although welded wire fabric is known for its strength and durability, architects and designers often use it to enhance aesthetic appeal for building facades.
  • Architectural Green Building Design: Using welded wire mesh can help achieve LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) credits and certification.
  • Machine guards: Use welded wire cloth guards for industrial machinery.
  • Shelving and partitions: Welded wire mesh’s strength and stability enable it to serve as shelving for storing heavy products and as partitions that promote visibility.
  • Plumbing, walls and ceilings: Wire mesh provides support for pipes installed in the walls and ceilings of a structure.
  • Gardening: Mesh with a low open area percentage serves as a screen that prevents insects from destroying plants.
  • Agriculture: To serve as barrier fencing, corn cribs, livestock shade panels and temporary holding pens.
  • Railings and Divider Walls: Woven wire infill panels are used often as partitions or divider walls due to its clean and sometimes modern look.
  • Animal control: Farmers, ranchers and animal control professionals use fencing made from welded wire mesh to contain livestock and stray animals.
  • Screens for Doors and Windows: Welded wire mesh screen panels provide a sturdy material and effective insect control when installed in windows.

Trim and Stub Options for Wire Mesh Panels

Lawrence Sintered Metals offers a variety of trim and stub options for you projects needed wire mesh.

Contact Us for more information on your needs for your wire mesh projects.  Here are more options for wire metal mesh panels.

Trimmed: Minimum on all four sides approximately 1/16″-1/8″ long. Trimmed flush (no stubs) must be specified when required.
Untrimmed Balanced Stubs: Equal stubs on opposite sides only. Stubs will not exceed opening unless specified.
Balanced Stubs with Edge Wire: Equal stubs on opposite sides with welded edge wire.
Untrimmed Random Stubs: Varies on all four sides. Results from shearing a larger sheet, pieces will not be identical.

Lawrence Sintered Metals offers a variety of trim and stub options for your wire mesh project needs. Contact Us for more information.