Metal Mesh is much more common item in any household or business.  Lawrence Sintered Metals offer a wide variety of Metal mesh and metal screen for health and safety.  Some of the most common uses are stainless steel strainers are often used in sinks, showers and bathtubs.

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Metal mesh screen stainers help to keep gravel, deposits that break free, and other stray items in the line from going down the sink. Due to the velocity of the water pushing them, they can severely damage or clog devices installed in the flow stream of the water line, for example p-traps or pipes.

A metal mesh strainer is essentially a screen installed to allow water to pass through, but not larger items. The larger items fall to the bottom or are held in a basket for later clean out. They normally have an access that allows for them to be cleaned or have the strainer plate or basket replaced.

Metal mesh strainers come in several different styles based on the needs. The metal mesh basket strainer is easier to clean, since debris is captured in the basket. It can also sometimes offer more straining surface area than a plate strainer, improving flow rates, or decreasing pressure loss through the strainer.

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