8x8 Mesh .063" Wire .062" Opening 24.6% OA

Differences Between Plain Mesh Weave & Plain Dutch Weave

Depending on the type of mesh you choose at the time you are purchasing a sintered wire cloth will help determine the characteristics of that cloth and whether it will hold up to do the job you want it to perform.  Depending on type of weave changes the functionality of the sintered wire cloth, so […]

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wire mesh fence

Using Stainless Steel Wire Mesh for Unwanted Pests and Rodents

Are you having problems with unwanted pests and rodents?  At Lawrence Sintered Metals, we offer stainless steel wire mesh which is a safe, effective and environmentally friendly resolution that is used to prevent those unwanted pests and rodents from entering your house, RV’s and many other buildings and structures.  Mice and other rodents are unable […]

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5-Layer Sintered Wire Mesh Materials

Lawrence Sintered Metals 5-Layer Sintered Wire Mesh is made up of a sintered cloth that includes a single layer of fine woven mesh kept between double layers of coarser square woven mesh that is then placed between double layers of strong Dutch woven mesh and finally sintered together to produce a high strength plate. A single layer of fine […]

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2x2 Mesh .0632x2 Mesh .063" Wire .437" Opening 76.4% OA

What Is Stainless Steel Wire Mesh?

Here at Lawrence Sintered Metals, we offer wire mesh in a variety of different alloys, but our most popular metal is stainless steel. What is stainless steel, and why does it make such an excellent wire mesh option? We’re going to explore that question in this article so that you can make a more informed […]

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Get Your Interior Design Muse Singing with Copper Mesh

You’re you looking to decorate a business or other property? You’ve probably been spending hours on Pinterest and Houzz trying to find just the colors, patterns, and styles that you want. If you are thinking of creating a more industrial design, then consider how you can use brilliant copper mesh to help create the look […]

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wire mesh deep fryer

Yes, You Can Re-Use Cooking Oil

You love to fry up French fries, chicken fingers, hash browns, shrimp, salmon, and more. The only problem is that at the end of your delicious meal, you’re left with a fryer filled with cooking oil. If you’ve ever been tempted to dump the entire mess down the drain, don’t! Not only is that wasteful, […]

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