chicken wire mesh

Over the last decade, more and more Americans have become interested in raising their own backyard flock of chickens. This trend has swept through rural areas of the country, but can also be found in the suburbs, and even in urban areas. No matter where you plan to raise your chickens, you’re going to need the right materials to ensure that they thrive. These materials include a chicken coop for nesting and egg laying as well as plenty of feed to keep your flock full. Finally, if you don’t want your chickens to answer the eternal question, “Why did the chicken cross the road?” then you’re going to need plenty of chicken wire to keep them penned.

The Rise of the Chicken

While there aren’t many good statistics on how many Americans own backyard chickens, interest has been increasing for year. According to an article in The New York Times, “hatcheries that supply baby chicks say they can barely keep up with demand.”

Americans have many different reasons for joining the chicken trend. According to an online survey of backyard chicken owners cited in an article in Poultry Science, owners used the chickens as a food source, a gardening partner, as pets, or as a combination of all three. They also cited a belief that eggs and meat from backyard chickens were superior than what was available at grocery stores. The New York Times article also described a growing interest from Americans who wanted to increase their self-reliance.

Getting Started Raising Chickens

In order to raise healthy chickens, new backyard chicken keepers need to provide their flock with a safe and comfortable environment. Owners can purchase pre-designed chicken coops or easily download plans to construct their own. The coop should be spacious and cleaned regularly, so chickens feel comfortable nesting, resting, and laying their eggs.

The second piece of the puzzle is chicken wire. Chickens are naturally inclined to wander as they search for grubs to snack on. If you live in a suburban or urban community, your chickens could easily end up on your neighbor’s lawn or in the street! The solution is chicken wire, which is a mesh wire that will keep chickens corralled in their designated space. This mesh wire is specifically designed to hold up against the sharp beaks and talons of your flock.

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