Wire Mesh and Filters

Wire Mesh and Filters

Wire Mesh and Filters

There are many uses for wire mesh filters. Wire mesh filters are used in oil splatter screens, sink drain strainers, french presses for coffee, particle sizing equipment, industrial water filtration, hydraulic oil filters, mining equipment, and many more. These porous materials can be used in the home or business to collect debris passing through faucets and drains. Wire mesh and screen products are widely used in the filtration and separation of solid particles from liquids, including filtering out sand from oil during the drilling of oil and gas wells, mines, construction sites, and various other industrial processes.

Woven Wire Mesh for Filters

Mesh is used in a variety of products; from construction scaffolding to electron microscopy. 

Woven wire mesh can be made with a very wide range of opening sizes, from several inches down to 1 Micron (0.00004”), and chances are there is a specification of woven wire mesh available to filter out any size particle out there. 

One of the most common types of filtration material you’ll find is stainless steel woven wire mesh. One example of an application is in residential and commercial water purification systems. A meshwork filter features channels running through it to pass excess water or debris out of your system. It is also commonly used in wastewater treatment plants to filter out solids and heavy particles that might block the flow of materials through the system. Manufacturers create special adapters that fit onto standard plumbing fixtures and create both perfect fit and effective coverage around the installation. Woven wire mesh is a great option for filtration because of its durability and price. 

A wire mesh system can be a fully integrated system for wet operations, including fogging and membrane cleaning. This is an innovative, high-quality, product that has been refined over many years of development. The first generation of a wire mesh filtering system was installed in the early 1960s to help desalinate water for astronauts during Apollo 13. Since then, manufacturers have expanded to include quality products for all types of users. In fact, many large scale commercial operations now utilize a wire mesh system to help provide their customers with the most effective means of filtering water throughout their facility.

Woven wire mesh is ideal for filtration applications. The properties of the mesh make it a good choice for uses that include drainage, filtering, screening and aeration of liquids or gases. The mesh has excellent resistance to corrosion and will not rust, corrode or become brittle with age. Certain types of woven wire mesh are impact resistant and can withstand considerable stress without damage.

Dutch Weave Wire Mesh for Filters

Woven wire mesh—also sometimes referred to as woven wire cloth—is created by weaving wire strands in an over-under or under-over method to form different patterns with varying specifications. Some common patterns used for wire mesh include plain/square weave, rectangular weave, plain dutch weave, twilled dutch weave, and intercrimp weave. 

Dutch weave stainless steel wire mesh is an ideal option for filtration purposes. Plain Dutch weaves offer strength and rigidity as well as excellent filtration capabilities. Twilled Dutch weaves offer even greater strength and finer filtration ratings. In a twilled weave, the wires cross two under and two over, allowing heavier wires and higher mesh counts.

Our micronic filter cloth is available in various meshes and weaves, including plain Dutch weave, twilled Dutch weave, and reverse Dutch weave. They are available in either T304 Stainless Steel or T316 Stainless Steel.

Lawrence Sintered Metals For High Quality Filters 

When a business needs lightweight, high-performance filter media for filtration and separation applications, Lawrence Sintered Metals is the answer. We are a leading manufacturer and distributor of woven wire mesh products for the filtration industry, with over fifty years of experience producing highly reliable materials. Our capabilities run the full gamut from custom, large volume orders to providing off-the-shelf woven wire filter materials. 

For over 25 years, Lawrence Sintered Metals has been supplying a range of Wire Mesh products to satisfy even the most niche demands of our customers. See our wide range of wire mesh products at lawrencesinteredmetals.com.