metal net

Every wire mesh project is unique. In many cases, a standard weave, size, and alloy will do the trick, but in other instances you need something customized for a very specific job. How do you know whether you’ll need a custom wire mesh and what type of customization is required for your product? Let’s look at these questions in more detail.

What Strength Do You Need?

Wire mesh is often used to filter materials, to protect property, or to restrain objects, animals, or people. All of these jobs demand a certain amount of tensile strength in your metal mesh. If standard metal mesh options don’t have the strength profile that you need, then it might be time to consider a customized option. To a lesser degree, some jobs also require that mesh maintain a certain amount of flexibility as well as strength. A custom weave can help balance these priorities.

What Alloys Do You Need?

Will your mesh need to endure rough conditions? How about freezing cold or sizzling hot outdoor weather? Does it need to resist rust or be able to withstand constant ocean spray? Different alloys will give your metal mesh unique properties and allow it to resist different factors. Many wire mesh producers work with a standard set of alloys, but customized alloys can used for special jobs.

What Weave Pattern Do You Need?

It’s easy to order wire mesh in standard weave patterns, like a plain weave, a twilled weave, or a Dutch weave, but you may need a more unique weave for your purposes. This can be true if you intend to use your mesh in a design capacity where it must be visually compelling. Customized weaves may also be necessary for certain specific types of filtration.

What Edge Treatments Do You Need?

Don’t forget about the edge treatment of your wire mesh. Edge treatments affect the mesh’s ultimate strength and stability. Customized edge treatments can also increase the safety of the mesh for situations where the public may interact with the mesh.

At Lawrence Sintered Metals, we are happy to discuss customized metal mesh with you. We want to hear about your project and goals, and then we can help you decide if a customized metal mesh product is right for you.