6x6 Mesh .047" Wire .120" Opening 51.8% OA

In the world of wire mesh, the characteristics and uses of the mesh depend greatly on the specific type of weave used to hold the wires together. A weave can determine the wire mesh’s strength, flexibility, and how it performs. The simplest weave is the “plain weave.”

To achieve a plain weave, the shute wire goes over and then under the warp wire. The plain weave is the most common weave and offers a lot of great functionality. Plain weave wire mesh can be used for particle separation and sifting as well as protection. The specific metal you choose will contribute to the weave’s strength and overall longevity.

Here at Lawrence Sintered Metals, we offer a wide variety of plain weave products. Choose from a variety of sizes with openings from ¼” to 6” and from different metal options and alloys. Plain weaves are only one of many different mesh weave options.

If you aren’t sure which weave is right for your specific project, give us a call.