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As a pest control company, you face a singular challenge. Your customers usually only call you during an emergency and then forget about you as soon as the termites have been terminated, the mice have scurried to mouse heaven, and the roaches have been toasted. In other words, your repeat customers are few and far between, forcing you to constantly market to new customers. Wouldn’t it be great if you could offer an additional service to customers in order to maximize the profit that you get from each interaction?

Many pest control companies offer ongoing termite inspection services as well as termite prevention services. But what about prevention from other infestations? If you face a customer who has been living with mice scurrying through her walls for several months, there’s a good chance she’ll want to prevent that from happening again and would be willing to pay for your expertise.

Keeping the Critters Out

At Lawrence Sintered Metals, we can help with the right size of wire mesh. Preventing home infestations from mice, rats, racoons, and even bats is a simple matter of effectively closing off all the small entrances into the home. You can do that by placing strong metal mesh screens over these openings.

Metal mesh screens are ideal, because they allow air flow and ventilation, which your customers will appreciate, while also keep the critters out. Consider placing wire mesh over the chimney, vents, and around crawl spaces. If screen doors and windows screens are old, replace them.

We offer a variety of extremely strong and hardy metals that can resist gnawing teeth and the corroding effects of mother nature.

Creating a New Service Is Easy

Your critter prevention service is easy to set up. First, order the right metal mesh in bulk from Lawrence Sintered Metals. We can work with you to determine the exact size of the mesh openings and the weave to ensure good ventilation and making it impossible for even the smallest mammals to squeeze through. Your employees are already highly trained to identify weaknesses where rodents and other critters can squeeze into a home. Simply identify and measure these areas and then apply the right amount of wire mesh to the openings. Ta-da! You are done and can now bill your customer a little more. Your customer will be happy, knowing that her home is now protected from a second invasion. It’s a win-win all around.

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