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As many parts of the United States continue to suffer from long-lingering droughts, the threat of devastating wildfires grows greater. That makes it especially important for each person to take responsibility for their own fire usage. After all, according to the National Park Service, up to 90% of wildland fires in the U.S. are caused by humans!

One easy way to lower your risk of starting a fire is to place a metal mesh screen over your chimney so that it can block any sparks that drift up the flue. On a windy day, a spark can easily rise through your chimney and start a fire on your roof or float to nearby dry vegetation.

Certain cities even require you to have a chimney cap mesh. Take a look at the laws in your city to determine if a chimney cap is required and/or what type of metal mesh you are allowed to place on your chimney. At Lawrence Sintered Metals, you can find high quality metal mesh for your chimney.