Allergies Are No Match For Wire Mesh: How Wire Mesh Can Help You During Allergy Season

Does your child develop sneezing, congestion, and a runny nose during a particular time every year? Do you experience cold-like symptoms every morning following the weather change? This is triggered by seasonal allergies. With woven wire mesh providing a protective cover to your house’s windows and doors, you can effectively prevent exposure to allergens in the environment and avoid allergy symptoms.

You are likely to develop seasonal allergies when your body comes into contact with dust, mold, or pollen-specific to a season. For instance, certain plants pollinate or molds become rampant with changes in weather conditions. Grass pollination begins in summer and spring. A drop in temperature and moisture in air aggravate mold formation. Rain prompts a rapid rise in both mold and pollen while summer promotes dust circulation. Winds increase pollen and dust in the air causing allergies. Similarly, winter pushes bacteria and rodents into your home bringing allergens inside.

How can you stop these environmental allergens from making your life miserable at home? By using good-quality wire mesh for window and door screens, you can effectively allergy-proof your home. Here are a few ways woven wire mesh can help you during allergy season to turn your home into an allergen-free abode. 


Pollen, Dander, Mold Proofing

According to a 2019 study, exposures to pollen, fungi, and infectious agents drive the onset, progression, and expansion of allergic diseases. You can stop allergies by halting the entry of allergens into your home. Woven metal mesh provides an excellent option in securing your house from pollen, fungi, molds, pests, and animal dander.

You can use wire mesh to cover the most common entry points for allergens. It can seal windows, doors, vents, and chimneys without blocking the airflow. This helps keep yourself away and secure from pollens that cause seasonal allergies. You may also add metal mesh filters to sanitize the air. A woven metal mesh barricade is also an excellent option to separate yourself from pets if you are allergic to them.


Affordable Insect and Rodent Control

When the temperature goes down in winter evenings or rain sets in, rodents and insects turn toward your home to seek refuge. These insects are potential allergic threats, as their bites or stings result in mild to severe allergic reactions. 

Woven wire mesh offers the most environmentally friendly and affordable way to stop these allergic-causing pests. Woven metal mesh, especially insect screen, is versatile enough to use for insect control without harming the aesthetics of your house. Galvanized or stainless steel hardware cloth can help prevent rodents and other pests from entering your home or yard. The price is affordable while the material is strong and sustainable enough to last for years.


Zero-Allergy, Eco-Friendly Wire Mesh

There may be occasions when cloth or knitted screens on windows and doors can catch dander and cause allergies. In addition, these fabric screens may not be able to stop rodents and insects that can bring potential allergens into your home. Glass doors and windows may help, but these can stop the airflow. 

Woven metal mesh, on the other hand, is a durable and eco-friendly option. Metal mesh filters are widely used to cleanse the air while wire cloth over windows assures proper airflow enabling climate control. It keeps your house cool without blocking the visibility through doors and windows.

You can also use it to create enclosures in your garden or porch to keep allergies at bay. Woven wire mesh is sturdy and pesky animals can’t damage it. It is also immune to weather changes and fire incidents.


Continuous Airflow and Sunlight Exposure Where It’s Needed

Many often end up diagnosed with different types of allergies and ailments while trying to prevent seasonal allergies. This is primarily due to the methods they use to stay away from allergens. For example, if someone who suffers from pollen allergies keeps their room sealed it could potentially lead to skin allergies or a Vitamin D deficiency due to the lack of exposure to sunlight. Many also use pest control methods and suffer from allergies due to the use of chemical substances at home.

Woven wire mesh offers a respite from these issues and enables you to keep your life as normal as possible. Utilizing woven metal mesh window screens allows ample comfort with continued airflow and sunlight. These screens are also easy and quick to install. Devoid of chemicals, metal mesh filters don’t cause any type of hypersensitivity.


Lawrence Sintered Metals Can Make Allergy Season Bearable

Installing wire mesh screens can make all the difference in how allergy sufferers experience allergy season. Our budget-friendly and durable metal mesh filters, woven metal mesh, and wire cloth can be fit to all windows and doors to help in filtering out all types of pollens and allergens.

At Lawrence Sintered Metals, we pride ourselves on providing the highest quality products at competitive pricing with quick turnaround times. Contact Lawrence Sintered Metals today for more information on how we can help you allergy-proof your home, so you can open them once again and bring the great outdoors back inside.