wire mesh deep fryer

You love to fry up French fries, chicken fingers, hash browns, shrimp, salmon, and more. The only problem is that at the end of your delicious meal, you’re left with a fryer filled with cooking oil. If you’ve ever been tempted to dump the entire mess down the drain, don’t! Not only is that wasteful, but you could end up causing severe damage to your pipes! A better option is to filter and then reuse your cooking oil. You’ll save money and your plumbing.

Why You Should Never Pour Oil Down the Drain

Did your mother ever tell you never to pour cooking oil down the drain? There’s a reason. Grease and vegetable oil congeal when they cool off. These solids can build up in your plumbing and eventually burst your pipes. As you can imagine, the result can be incredibly expensive.

So, what are you supposed to do with left over cooking oil and grease? One option is to pour it into a container (ideally non-recyclable), close it securely, and throw it away. You may remember your mom pouring bacon grease into a pickle jar that she kept under the sink until it was full.

This method works, but why waste all that perfectly good oil?

Save and Reuse Your Cooking Oil

If you regularly use cooking oil, especially if you loved to make fried meals, there’s no reason to toss all the oil away after a single use. Instead, just strain the oil to get the bits of food out and store it in an unused container. The next time you want to fry up some food, you won’t have to buy a whole new bottle of oil!

You can find specialized oil filtration devices on Amazon or at other retailers. These gizmos include the filter and a container to keep the oil. You don’t need to get fancy and purchase these specialty devices. All you really need is some sturdy wire mesh and a container. Use a Tupperware container you already have or a cleaned-out mayonnaise jar. You’ll save money that way.

At Lawrence Sintered Metal, we offer the wire mesh you need to quickly and easily filter your cooking oil. We can provide mesh that is small enough to filter out food particles but big enough to let the oil through. The result will be clean cooking oil, ready for re-use the next time you have a hankering for tater tots!