lawrence sintered metals

Adding alloys to a metal will change the character of that metal, making it useful in different ways. For example, an alloy can make a metal stronger or more resistant to weather or even more flexible. At Lawrence Sintered Metals, we can help you determine if adding alloys to our stainless steel mesh products will help you better achieve your goals.

For example, adding a nickel-based alloy can help stainless steel resist high temperatures and corrosion. Bronze and brass alloys also add anti-corrosive properties to stainless steel. Copper is one of our most popular alloys, and it is used to increase the electrical connectivity of the metal, which has a lot of unique applications, especially in the electronics industry.

Give us a call today, and we’ll help you figure out the perfect combination so that your stainless steel mesh can meet all of your needs. Our friendly representatives are waiting for your call.