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Christmas is on its way, and so is the holiday decoration frenzy! Already, Christmas displays are popping up in major retails stores. If you really want to trick out your home for Christmas in a unique, special way, consider creating your own decorations. Let’s look at why you might want to consider making your own Christmas decorations and some great decoration ideas that incorporate wire mesh.

Make Your Own, or Buy It at the Store?

Buying Christmas decorations at your local big box retailer will save you time, but it certainly won’t be as fun as making your own decorations. Test your creativity and create an awesome activity to do with your kids by making your own decorations. Plus, putting up handmade decorations will make your house truly unique among the others in your neighborhood. Finally, creating your own decorations means you have ultimate control over the final masterpiece that is your house!

Ideas for Homemade Christmas Decorations

Our plain weave stainless steel is both flexible, durable, and hardy. It can stand up to freezing cold nights and give shape and form to lots of different figures. As you start planning the different types of Christmas decorations you want to create, consider all the ways you can use wire mesh.

Christmas Lawn and Roof Figures

Wire mesh can be your molding clay, allowing you to create outdoor figures, both big and small. You can create a life-sized Santa, his reindeer, and even his sled. Shape the wire mesh into gaudy presents, happy elves, or round snowmen.

Once the body is formed with the wire mesh, add clothes, felt fabric, and lights to turn it into a life-like figure. The stainless steel will hold up well no matter how bad the weather gets.

Holiday Door Wreath

Make a truly unique holiday door wreath. Use the wire mesh to give the wreath body and then get creative. Cover it with ribbons, tinsel, LED Christmas lights, or felt fabric. There are so many cool options.

Indoor Decorations

Honestly, if you are tired of real pine trees shedding needles all over your carpet, use wire mesh to create an artsy new family Christmas tree. Cover it in ornaments and lights. It will truly stand out.

You may also want to use wire mesh to create cool ornaments. Use paint, glue, and glitter to add color and texture.

This is only a small collection of ideas on how wire mesh can help you be the most unique and coolest Christmas house on the block. Give us a call today to put in your wire mesh order before the holiday rush.