4x4 Mesh .032" Wire Welded .218" Opening 76.0% OA

Metal mesh sheets contain stainless steel, galvanized steel, plain carbon steel, aluminum, copper, bronze, brass, Monel, and other specialty metals can make up a metal mesh sheet. The openings range from 6”x6” down to 1/8”x1/8” or even smaller. Standard sheet sizes would be 36”, 48”, or 60” wide by 8 or 10 feet long, but any size sheet can be manufactured or fabricated.

Metal mesh sheets are great because they can be made of all different types and sizes of metal mesh.  Mesh specifications can be altered for use depending on the alloy the client decides is needed and the size of the opening and thickness of the wired that is desired to fulfill the job.

For easy handling and installation purposes metal mesh comes in sheet form and works great in this form for both welded and woven construction.   The sheets can be cut from rolls or they can be manufactured as sheets to ensure flatness. 

There are many uses for metal mesh screens, to name a few are water filtration, construction building materials, functional screens and shades, and screens and ventilation for machinery.

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