lawrence sintered metals

When it comes to sculpting, most people think of clay or marble as the ideal sculpting medium, but what about metal mesh? If you are an artist in search of your next amazing outdoor installation project, consider trying your hand at metal mesh. Wire mesh provides some excellent benefits that will both challenge and inspire you as an artist:

  • Its flexibility makes it fun and easy to shape; perfect if you don’t want to spend years chiseling away at a huge block of marble.
  • It is sturdy and hardy and can stand up to outdoor weather conditions, unlike most clays.
  • With metal mesh, you can continually tweak your creation until it is perfect. If only that were the case with marble!
  • It’s affordable. Perhaps the best reason to work with mesh is that you can buy lots of it at an affordable price. You don’t have to pay big bucks for marble or rent a kiln to fire your finished works.

Interested in using mesh for your next art project? Check out what other artists have done with this excellent wire mesh art portfolio on Pinterest.