4x4 Mesh .047" Wire .203" Opening 5.9% OA

Industries now days are considering Aluminum to be the most popular light-weight metal.  Aluminum alloys are often used in the wire mesh industry within many of the types of wire mesh sizes.  Aluminum wire mesh are mostly composed of aluminum, but there are other components also.

Aluminum woven wire mesh is lightweight and great for many all different types of projects.  When compared to heavier metals, aluminum mesh is one third to one half the weight of other metals. Aluminum wire mesh is also resistant to weather in most normal environments.

Aluminum has many benefits, including a relatively low cost compared to other meshes. Aluminum woven wire mesh is a good choice many types of industries including ballast water management and other applications.

Because of the benefits of using aluminum wire mesh it is used in many construction type of applications. Contractors need to use stable quality materials to build large buildings.

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