lawrence sintered metals

Metal mesh is used most commonly in households or businesses.  Some of the most common uses are strainers made from stainless steel, which are often used in sinks, showers, and bathtubs.  At Lawrence Sintered Metals we offer a wide variety of metal mesh and metal screen for health and safety.  A variety of metal screen for specific applications are available in stock including stainless steel bolting cloth, stainless steel stencil cloth, and insect screen in various alloys.

Metal Mesh screen strainers will help keep gravel, deposits that break free, and any other stray items from going down the sink.  Due to the velocity of the water pushing them, they can create severe damage or clogs in devices installed in the flow stream of the water line, for example p-traps or pipes.  A metal mesh strainer is essentially a screen that is installed to allow water to pass through, but larger items will be blocked.  Larger items will fall to the bottom or are held in a basket to be cleaned out later.  There is generally an access that allows for them to be cleaned or they have a strainer plate or basket replaced.

This type of sintered wire mesh laminate is made by taking several layers of woven wire mesh and sintering them to a layer of perforated metal. The woven wire mesh layers consist of a filter layer, a protective layer, and possibly a buffer layer between the fine mesh layer and the perforated plate. The perforated plate is then added as the base and the entire structure is sintered together to form a very strong yet tractable plate.

Our metal mesh strainers come in a variety of styles, depending on the purpose it is going to be used for.  Metal mesh strainers are super easy to clean, since the debris is caught in a basket.  It will often offer more straining surface than a strainer plate, which improves flow rates, or decreases pressure loss through the strainer.

In general, we use 316L stainless steel wire mesh for the woven wire mesh layers, and 304 stainless steel for the perforated plate. Other special alloys can be incorporated as well.

The woven wire mesh layers can be customized to meet a filtration rating, and the thickness of the perforated plate as well as the type of perforations can be customized as well.