wire mesh fence

Are you having problems with unwanted pests and rodents?  At Lawrence Sintered Metals, we offer stainless steel wire mesh which is a safe, effective and environmentally friendly resolution that is used to prevent those unwanted pests and rodents from entering your house, RV’s and many other buildings and structures.  Mice and other rodents are unable to chew through it like many other products that could be used for this situation due to the sharp fibers in our stainless-steel wire mesh.

Our stainless-steel wire mesh can also be used as a great barrier against gophers and moles.  Our stainless-steel wire mesh is designed with tried and tested dimensions and is gauged to act as a superior barrier.  It is extremely corrosion resistant to the acidity that is in soil, which will corrode regular types of wire over time.  If you are going to the trouble of protecting your house and yard from pests and rodents, then you might want to do it, so it lasts a long time and it works the first time so use our stainless-steel wire mesh.

Some of the other benefits and uses for our stainless-steel wire mesh include a DIY vertical barrier in your garden to keep out gophers, moles, rabbits, and squirrels. Provide yourself a gopher and mole proof lawn, as well as make a great barrier for skunks, raccoons, opossum, etc. to keep them from going under your decks and houses.

The possibilities are endless with our stainless-steel wire mesh because you can use it for so many DIY projects outside of your home also.  Such things include building a protecting a raised bed garden space.  You can make beautiful wood-framed fences lines with the wire mesh around your yard to keep animals from coming through the slats.  It can also be used for building creative projects, such as chicken enclosures for example.

Our wire mesh rolls out flat from the roll, which makes it easy to cut and work with.  At Lawrence Sintered Metals we also offer double galvanized wire mesh roll, which is constructed of electroplated galvanized steel wire that is corrosion-resistant.  This type of wire mesh also works on all wildlife as a barrier for either above or below ground.

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