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As Halloween draws near, you could always pick up a few standard decorations at the store…or you could kick things up a notch and create your own! Your house will be an absolute scream when it includes one-of-a-kind scary decorations. You’ll probably need to load up on hot glue, fabrics, and ribbons at your local hobby shop, but don’t forget one key ingredient – metal mesh.

Metal mesh gives body and life to your Halloween decorations and can stand up to all sorts of weather conditions. Here are just a few excellent ideas for how you can put wire mesh to good use.

Yard Ghosts

Metal mesh and a little artistic skill are all you need for this amazing decoration. Using your judgement, build out ghostly figures using the mesh and then place them in your yard. They’ll look like they’re eerily floating right across your lawn. On Halloween night, add some fog from a smoke machine or dry ice to give it an even more surreal feel.


Are you a big fan of The Walking Dead? Then you know how menacing zombies can be. Shape your metal mesh into humanoid shapes and then put them in your yard. We suggest creating just the top half or even just an arm and head plunging up from the soil. You can leave just the metal mesh or throw on a ghoulish mask and tattered clothing to complete the picture.


Want to make an awesome Halloween wreath for your front door? Use the metal mesh to construct the body of the wreath (think large donut), and then go to town adding ribbons, plastic spiders, pumpkin decorations, and more!

There’s all sorts of fun ways to use metal mesh to create some scary good Halloween decorations.

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