lawrence sintered metals

Let’s face it, if Mission Impossible or any number of spy movies has taught us anything, it’s that if someone with enough brains, resources, and determination wants to steal something, they most likely can. Fortunately, the vast majority of thefts are crimes of opportunity. Most thieves are drawn to the quickest and easiest score.

We can’t really help you protect your property from a renowned government agent, like Ethan Hunt (Tom Cruise’s Mission Impossible character), but we can help you make your property a little less attractive to the common criminal who just wants an easy job. By putting up stainless steel wire mesh fencing, you’ll make the thief have to do extra work by climbing, cutting, or burrowing under the fence. This will also make escape slower and more difficult, which he doesn’t want. That fence could be enough to make your home or your property less attractive and push the thief to look for an easier score.

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