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Wire mesh may not seem too impressive or imposing when you see a big roll of it. However, wire mesh is used in a wide variety of capacities all over the world and is often an unseen force to make communities a little safer.

1.      Concrete Reinforcement

We depend on concrete structures to hold us up, shelter us, and guide us. Concrete is used in everything from the walls of buildings to barriers along the highway and even in the highway. Wire mesh is often used to reinforce concrete, to make it ever stronger so that it will last longer and provide better protection.

2.      Security Mesh

The right type of alloys and weave can make wire mesh incredibly strong. This can help keep the wrong people out and discourage crime!

3.      Filtration

Wire mesh can be woven tight enough to filter out contaminants as small as two microns! This makes it useful in filtering water and air to help keep our natural resources safe and healthy for plants, animals, and humans.

Wire mesh is incredibly versatile. If you are looking to purchase mesh for your next project, contact us, and we can help you determine the right alloy and weave to meet your needs.

But there aren’t just two types of mesh weaves. Give us a call today and we can help you determine the right type of mesh weave for your project!