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There might still be a chill in the air, but spring is on its way. At that first hint of warmer weather, you’ll probably want to throw open every window in your home to let in lots of sunlight and fresh air. However, open windows can also make your home a target. To help protect your home, now is the time to consider investing in security window screens made of metal mesh. Before your make your purchase, consider these three factors:

Window Screen Strength

How strong do you want your security window screens to be? The answer will depend on what you are protecting your home against. Are you worried about annoying critters, like racoons, possums, or your neighbor’s nosey dog trying to get in? Or do you want to make sure no human thieves can easily kick through your screen and sneak in?

Your answer will help you determine what material you need for your screen and what type of mesh weave would be ideal to meet your expectations. At Lawrence Sintered Metals, we do a lot of work with stainless steel metal mesh, but we also offer many different alloy options as well as a variety of different mesh weaves.

Size of Openings

Racoons and people aren’t the only intruders you have to worry about for your home! Spring is also the start of bug season. Flies, mosquitos, and June bugs will appear, ready to crawl into your home to cause discomfort. Choosing the right security screen means finding a balance between keeping the bugs out but also allowing for a nice view.

A tighter weave will create smaller openings and will help keep the bugs out, but it may also affect your view and lower the rate of air flow. During those warm summer days, you’ll definitely want to get a good draft in.

At Lawrence Sintered Metals, we can help you determine the ideal weave tightness that will find the right balance for your home.


You can find low cost security screens at your local hardware or home store, but they won’t be personalized for your specific needs. If you want security window screens that meet your strength and size requirements consider ordering from a metal mesh specialist, like Lawrence Sintered Metals.

Our representatives are happy to take your call and work with you to find the right screens so that you can feel safe and enjoy all the beauty of the coming spring.