5x5 Mesh .041" Wire .159" Opening 63.2% OA

It’s common to think of metal mesh as simply a single sheet of stainless steal metal or an alloy, but in some cases, you may need more than one layer of mesh in order to filtrate certain materials or to protect against volatile elements. At Lawrence Sintered Metals, we can dramatically increase the thickness, strength, and utility of your metal mesh by sintering several layers together. This is called laminate metal mesh.

How Laminate Metal Mesh Is Made

Laminate metal mesh is created by sintering several layers of metal mesh together. Just as with other sintered metals, heat and pressure are applied to the layers. The metal melts and then fuses together as it cools, created a bonded piece. Sintering can be performed over and over to add additional layers to your laminate.

Laminate metal mesh comes in many different varieties. You can choose meshes with different weaves or different sizes. While stainless steel is the most popular laminate option, you can also laminate with different types of alloys in order to utilize their unique characteristics.

The Benefit of Using Laminate Metal Mesh

There are many different reasons why our customers order laminate metal mesh. Fusing multiple layers of different sized mesh can create a more effective filter. In other cases, clients seek a stronger filter that can hold up to powerful flows or extreme temperatures.

Laminates can be made as thick as needed and excel at managing flames or arresting detonation. If you operate in a potentially volatile field and want a lot of space between you and an unstable element, a big laminate may be a good choice.

Find the Right Laminate Metal Mesh at Lawrence Sintered Metal

At Lawrence Sintered Metal, we can make the laminate you need. If you aren’t sure what type of weave or size you need for your laminate or the ideal thickness, give us a call. A helpful representative can provide you with a variety of options based on our inventory and your goals.

We look forward to manufacturing your metal laminate today.