wire mesh fence

Using Stainless Steel Wire Mesh for Unwanted Pests and Rodents

Are you having problems with unwanted pests and rodents?  At Lawrence Sintered Metals, we offer stainless steel wire mesh which is a safe, effective and environmentally friendly resolution that is used to prevent those unwanted pests and rodents from entering your house, RV’s and many other buildings and structures.  Mice and other rodents are unable […]

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lawrence sintered metals

Use This One Important Rule to Make Your Property More Secure

Let’s face it, if Mission Impossible or any number of spy movies has taught us anything, it’s that if someone with enough brains, resources, and determination wants to steal something, they most likely can. Fortunately, the vast majority of thefts are crimes of opportunity. Most thieves are drawn to the quickest and easiest score. We […]

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wire fence for dogs

Is Your Fence Strong Enough to Hold Your Pet?

The fact that approximately 44% of all households in the United States include a dog only underscores how popular canines are as pets. After all, is there anything better than having your best friend rush to the door to greet you with joy every single time you return home (even if you just ran out […]

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