250x250 Mesh .0016" Wire .0024" Opening 36.0% OA

Filtration Methods That Use Wire Mesh

At Lawrence Sintered Metals we provide wire mesh for all types of filtration uses, including keeping pests out of unwanted areas to making sure dangerous animals are contained properly.  One of the more popular uses for our wire mesh is for filtration. There are many industries out there that use filtration systems to manufacture their […]

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8x8 Mesh .063" Wire .062" Opening 24.6% OA

Quality Assurance Using our Inspection Process

Our metal wire mesh is used for many types of industrial projects. Our wire mesh is used to protect homes and businesses from invaders, to keep dangerous animals contained, and to filter out harmful materials. It’s used in food processing and to protect against sparks that could cause a fire. Our customers depend on the […]

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24x24 Mesh .014" Wire .028" Opening 44.2% OA

Get Your Metal Mesh Delivered Quickly

When you place your order of metal mesh, we get that you would like to receive your product quickly.  At Lawrence Sintered Metals, we do everything in our power to get your order processed and shipped quickly while still maintaining our commitment to quality. Developing relationships with multiple trucking companies is one way we have […]

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10x10 Mesh .025" Wire .075" Opening 54.3% OA

Preventing a Wildfire by Simply Using Wire Mesh for Your Chimney

During this time of year fire danger is real all throughout the United States.  The threat is of those devastating wildfires is real between the drought most of the U.S. has experienced and the cold weather, which is having people light more fires within their chimneys at home a nightly basis.  This makes it especially […]

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5x5 Mesh .041" Wire .159" Opening 63.2% OA

Looking to Build an Aviary at Your Home?

Do you have a feathered friend or friends you are looking to get into a nice newly upgraded aviary?  This could be a great DIY project for you if you like working with your hands.  You might want to consider building your own aviary instead of buying an expensive one from the local pet store.  […]

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2x2 Mesh .063" Wire Welded .437" Opening 76.4% OA

Build Your Own Solar Food Dehydrator to Better Preserve Food

If you love planting a big garden, you likely face the same problem each year – how to consume all your fresh fruits and veggies before they go bad. Unfortunately, crops tend to ripen and yield in short periods of time, giving you an overabundance one month and scarcity the next.  You can probably give […]

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lawrence sintered metals

You Can Count on Fast Delivery of Your Metal Mesh

When our clients put in a big order of metal mesh, we understand that they want their delivery sooner rather than later. Here at Lawrence Sintered Metals, we do everything in our power to quickly process and ship your order while maintaining our commitment to quality. One way that we expedite the shipping process is […]

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wire mesh for splatter screens

Love Cooking but Hate the Splatter?

Cooking is a great and fulfilling (not to mention, tasty) hobby, but it can get messy. It’s easy to fill your sink with dirty bowls, cutting boards, and dishes, but one of the most annoying parts of cooking is all the stove splatter. If you like to cook with olive oil or vegetable oil, then […]

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