2x2 Mesh .047" Wire Welded .453" Opening 81.2% OA

If you are looking to buy metal mesh for the first time, you may not realize how many different mesh weaves are available. Each type of metal mesh weave gives the metal different properties. Some weaves increase strength, while others improve security or make the metal more functional for certain types of jobs.

This last category is definitely true for square metal mesh. This type of weave is relatively simple, but it can be useful for a number of things. Firstly, square metal mesh offers wide openings. This gives it very good permeability and makes it ideal for filtering out large objects. It can allow liquids to flow quickly through while picking up larger debris. For this same reason, it is also ideal for air filtration when you’re looking to filter out larger particulates. Finally, sintered square metal mesh can be a great flame arrestor, which is useful in a number of industries.

There are many industries that use square metal mesh.

Square Wire Mesh comes in woven or welded types, uses include filtration systems, screen enclosures, railing infill panels, fan guards, maritime filter screens and much more. Square wire mesh product comes in many types of mesh sizes, thicknesses, and primary materials for a wide range of uses and custom design ideas. Let us know what products you need to complete your project.

Not sure which metal mesh weave is right for you?  Do you need to use for water filtration or larger filtration projects? Is safety a concern for your construction project?  We can recommend the correct type of square wire mesh for your situation.

Give Lawrence Sintered Metals a call and tell us about your product goals. Lawrence Sintered Metals would be glad to help you find the right metal mesh weave for your needs.