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Metal Mesh is a good way to protect yards from the animals that want to eat your garden plants. Lawrence Sintered Metals can supply the correct metal mesh for a small or large yard project. It is best to use quality metal mesh for the outdoor projects. Contact us today for a quote on any size metal mesh project.

Since Summer is right around the corner, you’re probably eager to get back out into your yard start planting this year’s garden and flowers. Well, while you’re waiting out these last few weeks as the snows melt, you can get a head start by purchasing the supplies you need. Start thinking about what new flower bulbs, fruits, and veggies you want to grow. Sharpen your clippers. Buy up fertilizer, stakes, and wire mesh.

Wire mesh can be extremely useful as you prepare for your garden. It works great to keep out the critters who would otherwise snack on your vegetables before you even get to pick them! Wire mesh can also be used in supports to guide the growth of new plants and saplings. Finally, using wire mesh is an excellent way to divide your garden effectively!

Wire mesh is relatively inexpensive, but it can be one of your most useful gardening tools. At Lawrence Sintered Metals, we make the wire mesh that can help you plant a successful spring garden this year. Let us know if you have questions about the best type of metal mesh for your garden or your customer’s yard projects.