Metal Wire Screen

Everyone’s household and business have the potential to deal with clogged drains from time to time, but if you are noticing a constant clogging problem, then you might want to consider thinking about alternative solutions for this issue.  Having someone come out to unclog your drain can take a hefty toll on your wallet if you must call a plumber every time.

One option to consider is to install a stainless-steel mesh drain filter. Think of it this way: all sorts of things can go down your drain now, including dirt, rocks, and other particulate matter. These things may get trapped in the p-trap (the bend in the pipe) and slow the flow of water.

A stainless-steel mesh drains filter acts as a second layer of protection for your pipes, catching all the small stuff that gets down the drain but allowing water to get through. Once you have a stainless-steel mesh drain filter in place, you’ll have to check and clean it on a regular basis, but it should help keep your drains running much more smoothly!