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Every year people carve pumpkins as a tradition for Halloween.  It can be lots of fun, but there are also downsides.  Depending on where you live, it might be warmer, or you might live in a wetter part of the country, in which your pumpkin will get moldy or soggy within a few days of carving.  No one wants a squishy, oozing pumpkin sitting on their front porch!

If you are looking to decorate your porch and be festive this year without all the sticky stains and mess, mold, and that unpleasant smell, then I say you should consider making a fake pumpkin. You can’t really feel bad about having a fake pumpkin since most people have fake Christmas trees now days.

Here’s how to do it:

  • Order metal mesh screen from Lawrence Sintered Metals.
  • When the screen arrives, use pliers to shape the metal into a pumpkin shape. Make sure to cut off a section to use as the stem!
  • Use the pliers to connect the seams of the metal.
  • Cover the body of the pumpkin in orange felt that you can buy at your local hobby shop. Alternatively, you can wrap the shape in orange ribbon or even use orange deco mesh.
  • Cut out black felt into eyes and a mouth and glue it onto the pumpkin to create a face.
  • If you really want to get fancy, add LED lights around the eyes and mouth so that it will light up at night!
  • Shape the leftover metal screen mesh into a stem and connect to the pumpkin with pliers.

Ta-da! You have a sturdy, long-lasting Jack O’ Lantern! Making these guys can be a great family activity.

For companies who need wire mesh to sell for products for seasonal use, the wire mesh can be produced in large quantities. Call Lawrence Sintered Metals for a quote and make sure that you plan for lead time on the manufacturing.