wire mesh for splatter screens

Cooking is a great and fulfilling (not to mention, tasty) hobby, but it can get messy. It’s easy to fill your sink with dirty bowls, cutting boards, and dishes, but one of the most annoying parts of cooking is all the stove splatter. If you like to cook with olive oil or vegetable oil, then you understand. When the oil heats up, it just loves to jump out of the pan and splatter all over your stove and counters. It can also be pretty painful when the hot oil hits you. Sauces can also bubble up and burst sending your famous pasta sauce all over your cabinets!

A simple, low-cost splatter screen can save your stovetop, your counters, and your skin from cooking splatter. These metal mesh splatter screens just lay across a pan and deflect the jumping oil or other liquid.

At Lawrence Sintered Metals, we sell flexible, high-quality metal mesh that will save your kitchen from all future splatters.