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Fall is coming, and as the days cool and the trees turn glorious colors, homeowners aren’t quite safe yet from all the critters and pests. Spring and summer are the heyday for most bugs and pests, but a few of them are still active in the later months of the year. Keep your eyes open and protect your home from them.


As the days begin to cool, rats will need to find a warm place to keep cozy. That might mean your walls or attic!


House flies, fruit flies, and cluster flies will also be looking for some shelter. They’ll be attracted to your warm home.


They aren’t only around to ruin your summer picnic. When the weather turns cold, ants may seek to move their colony indoors, especially as food becomes less abundant outside.

The best way to deal with pests in your home is to prevent them from getting in at all! Now is the time to install new metal screens on your windows and doors, especially in the early fall months when the weather is still nice enough to encourage open doors and windows. Contact Lawrence Sintered Metals today to learn about our sturdy, pest-control metal screens.