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It’s vacation season in the U.S., which also happens to coincide with tick season. According to the Centers for Disease Control, ticks are the most active from May to August. If you plan on camping, hiking, or even just doing yard work on a forested property, it’s important for you to take proper precautions.

That’s because tick populations are rising along with the diseases they bring. Cases of Lyme disease (a common tick-borne illness) have tripled over the past 20 years! If you plan on going outside in a wooded area, make sure you wear appropriate clothing to cover as much as your body as possible, especially feet and ankles, which are prime tick targets. After returning home, search yourself for ticks. Be aware that they like to hide! Take a shower to help wash them off in case any are still on you.

Ticks don’t usually leave the woods on their own, but other bugs are always eager to invade and explore your house. Metal mesh by Lawrence Sintered Metals can allow you to keep your windows open without inviting in every bug in the neighborhood!