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Snails are kind of cute in their own way. However, though they may seem slow, harmless, and generally squishy, they are actually one of the greatest enemies of your trees and gardens. Snails love to munch on the new leaves and bark of young trees and to dine on the tender rind of new fruits. They are drawn into gardens where they will feast and reproduce until your garden is under very slow attack.

If you want to protect your garden and trees, then it’s time to go to war with the snails. It can be impossible to address them one by one. Instead, one of your greatest weapons is copper. Surprising, but true. Snails hate copper. We’re not exactly sure why, but some suspect that the high conductivity of copper reacts with a snail’s slime trail, possibly giving them an unpleasant shock.

By placing copper mesh around your trees and gardens, you can repeal snails in a humane way. (No need for any snail massacres.) Contact Lawrence Sintered Metals to order our copper mesh for your next gardening project.