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Spring is almost here, but just as the beautiful buds on your trees and the slender sprouts in your garden begin to wake up, so do all the bugs! Spring is a time when you want to throw open your windows to let all the sunshine and fresh air in. Too bad that makes the perfect opportunity to let in all those nasty critters that make life miserable. Here are a few tips for keeping bugs out of your home this spring.

Sweep All the Crumbs

You might be tempted to put out a big, beautiful bowl of fresh fruit in the kitchen, but that’s practically an invitation to ants. These tiny critters will march through your home searching for food sources and water. Often, they end up in the kitchen.

Take care not to leave crumbs, drink spills, or fruit on the counters. Once an ant finds food, he’ll alert all his buddies, and you’ll have a little ant army crawling all over your counters and floors.

Keep It Dry

It’s nearly impossible to get out of the shower without leaving at least a few small puddles behind. However, water attracts cockroaches and silverfish. They love places like the bathroom or a basement where condensation collects on pipes.

Don’t leave puddles after getting out of the shower, washing your face, or brushing your teeth. Throw down a towel and mop it up, so the bugs don’t have a convenient oasis.

Plastic Bins Instead of Cardboard Boxes

Spiders, mice, and lots of other critters are drawn to dark spaces, especially if there are boxes they can hide behind. A quiet area where they aren’t likely to be disturbed, like a basement or garage is an ideal hideout. Cardboard boxes are even better, as bugs can easily slip inside and mice can gnaw their way in.

Don’t give these critters an easy home. Secure your holiday decorations, photo albums, and old clothes in plastic containers instead of cardboard boxes. This will also make it easier to move them during spring cleaning.

Put in New Mesh Screens

The best way to get rid of bugs is to never let them inside in the first place! If you want to throw open your windows in spring, then make sure your screens are strong and tightly fastened. Even a small hole can allow an army of bugs to get through.

If it’s time to upgrade your metal mesh screens, give Lawrence Sintered Metals a call.