lawrence sintered metals

Nature is beautiful…until it decides to visit a customer’s home or commercial property. The pest control industry is usually called after an infestation occurs. Pest control professionals have to deal with terminate invasions, swarms of ants, and even larger critters like mice and rats. What if the pest control industry could get in front of the problem by preventing pest invasions altogether with metal screens?

Almost all pests get in through an unsecured opening in the home. This could include through cracks in the foundation of a home, through large openings in a screen door, or even an open window. At Lawrence Sintered Metals, we offer wire mesh that can prevent invasions. Our wire mesh can be made with openings just a few microns wide that even ants and termites can’t get through.

Pest control specialists, you may be able to increase your per-customer ROI by offering pest prevention services, such as re-fitting metal screens in windows and doors and even creating a protective wire mesh barrier around the foundation of the home.

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