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You’re you looking to decorate a business or other property? You’ve probably been spending hours on Pinterest and Houzz trying to find just the colors, patterns, and styles that you want. If you are thinking of creating a more industrial design, then consider how you can use brilliant copper mesh to help create the look you.

Copper mesh is a perfect addition to any of the “industrialized spaces” that are becoming so popular in the restaurant and start-up cultures. While it has a stark looks, its warm color can brighten up a space, and contrast well with brick and concrete finishes. Wrap it around your lighting, add it beneath glass tabletops, or across windows for added strength and security.

  1. Special mesh with small holes and thin wire, which is better to use for different looks outdoors. Various types of copper mesh with hole and wire in micro-scale siz=
  2. Copper metal mesh with corrosion resistant and rust resistant, the coarse copper mesh can be used indoor or outdoors.
  3. Add open copper mesh gutters to prevent leaves from getting in during the fall effectively.
  4. Decorative elements for your entry.
  5. Fine copper wire mesh with different specifications can be used for filtration in the home also.
  6. Copper metal mesh panel also can be widely applied for decorative architectural purposes, building an exterior facade, a decorative screen divider or in your balcony.
  7. Copper mesh can lay flat and can be cut into many shapes. Various types of copper mesh fit for creating decorative shapes.
  8. Copper wire mesh is durable enough to be used as chimney cap screen.
  9.  Perforated copper metal panels can be used in a commercial project or other high grade buildings.
  10. Be used in architectural glass applications.

Copper wire mesh is cost effective and delightfully Spartan. It will make any industrialized design look great.

Lawrence Sintered Metals offers copper wire mesh that is 99.9% pure copper.

Copper wire mesh’s unique color also makes it an excellent option for use in gutter guards or related residential projects, including fireplace screen, insect screen, and, at times, small critter control. Because of its dark amber-red color, copper wire mesh continues to be a popular option for artists and architects. Also, when copper mesh is exposed to the atmosphere, a patina, or a thin green layer, develops.

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