250x250 Mesh .0016" Wire .0024" Opening 36.0% OA

At Lawrence Sintered Metals we provide wire mesh for all types of filtration uses, including keeping pests out of unwanted areas to making sure dangerous animals are contained properly.  One of the more popular uses for our wire mesh is for filtration.

There are many industries out there that use filtration systems to manufacture their goods, make sure they maintain a safe environment, and always keep their critical systems up and running.  Let’s take a look at some examples of the ways wire mesh can be used in filtration below.

Air Filtration

There are many health issues that can be cause by pollutants in the air, things such as excess amounts of pollen, dust, impurities, fibers and even sometimes insects.  Lawrence Sintered Metals can create a very fine wire mesh that can help to block these many air pollutants.  Our fine wire mesh can be used in air purifiers, ventilation systems, or in manufacturing plants where small particles in the air can be of great concern.

Sand Screens

Keeping products pure is very important in many industries, especially for those gas and oil companies.  Taking into consideration oil comes from the ground, a good filtration system is required and very critical to ensure a high-quality product.  At Lawrence Sintered Metals we create a wire mesh that can be used to filter out sand and any other organic matter that would dilute the oil.  Drainage screen cartridges can also be created out of our wire mesh as well.

Micro Mesh Filters

In some industries there is a need for very small filtration systems, which doesn’t mean they are any less important than any other filtration system.  There are a variety of many small products that require miniature valves, condensers, and micro-electronics that require filtration.  These products require a different type of filtration, which entails an extremely fine filter that is cut and shaped to the product for perfection so that it fits properly and can perform the job it is intended too.

Hot Gas Filtration

There are many fuel alternatives that use higher temperatures during processing and there for require filtration.  Hot gas filtration requires certain types of metal filters that have the capability to hold up to extreme temperatures and still be able to maintain filtration integrity.

The examples given above are just a few of the many filtration applications that require the use of metal mesh.  If your company’s process includes any type of filtration you should consider working with Lawrence Sintered Metals.  We would be happy to work with your company to determine the right filtration needs to give you the best results possible.  Lawrence Sintered Metals also can create a custom wire mesh filtration for a custom project, again depending on your needs.

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