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We all get clogged drains from time to time, but if your home or business drains seem like they get clogged constantly, then you might need to start thinking outside of the box for a better solution. Cleaning out clogged drains is long, hard work and can be costly if you have to call a plumber each time.

One option to consider is to install a stainless steel mesh drain filter. Think of it this way: all sorts of things can go down your drain now, including dirt, rocks, and other particulate matter. These things may get trapped in the p-trap (the bend in the pipe) and slow the flow of water.

A stainless steel mesh drain filter acts as a second later of protection for your pipes, catching all the small stuff that gets down the drain but allowing water to get through. Once you have a stainless steel mesh drain filter in place, you’ll have to check and clean it on a regular basis, but it should help keep your drains running much more smoothly!

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