wire mesh dryer rack

If you have an interest in gardening and a love of cooking from scratch, then consider adding a drying rack to your gardening and cooking tool belt. A drying rack allows you to extend the life of your crops, so that you don’t have to give away, or worse, throw away excess that you can’t use right away. Here are just a few ways to use drying racks:

  • Dry herbs: You probably can’t use all that mint before your plant dies. Pick the excess leaves, dry them out, crush, and bottle. Now you have your home-grown herb rack.
  • Dry seeds: Sunflower seeds and the like can be dried and then enjoyed with a little time on your drying rack.
  • Dry fruits: You can always can extra fruits to make preserves, but another option is drying them. Dried apples, grapes, oranges, apricots, and even bananas make delicious and healthy snacks.
  • Dry pasta: You don’t have to stash your drying rack in the winter. Use it to dry your handmade pasta so you can make your famous from-scratch lasagna for the whole family!

At Lawrence Sintered Metals, we offer a variety of woven metal mesh products that can help you build the perfect drying racks for your gardening and cooking needs.