Metal net seamless texture background.

Are you looking for a product that will allow for ventilation, good drainage, or perhaps even adding a decorative touch?  Lawrence Sintered Metals offers a few different options to choose from, which include Expanded Sheet Metal, Perforated Sheet Metal, or Welded/Woven Wire Mesh.

Wire Mesh (welded)

Welded wire meshes have the wires welded together at all intersections for strength, flexibility, and a consistent opening size.  Our welded wire mesh is available in stainless steel, galvanized steel, or plain steel. The chance of improperly bending of bars is reduced since we have bending machines that bend the mat as a single unit. This helps to provide the exact size of reinforcement where needed through variable bar size and spacing, thereby reduces steel waste. There can be a considerate savings because mesh is easy to handle and can be installed much faster.

Welded wire mesh is typically used in applications including fencing, cages, home & garden, security mesh, animal control, and a wide variety of others. It includes stainless steel welded wire cloth for industrial applications as well as galvanized wire mesh or hardware cloth for general purpose use.

Wire Mesh (woven)

Wire mesh is adaptable to almost any application. It is extremely durable and very easily cleaned.  Woven wire mesh, or woven wire cloth, is one of the most versatile products around. It can be made with openings ranging from 1″, which can be used in many applications ranging from security mesh to architectural sculptures to concrete reinforcement, all the way to a 635 Mesh with openings of a few microns, which can be used to filter some of the smallest particles in the world.

Expanded Metal

One of the benefits from the manufacturing of expanded metal is that the sheet retains its structural integrity since it has not undergone the stress of having shapes punched in it, like perforated metal, and the mesh-like pattern do not unravel like woven mesh might do in certain circumstances.  Expanded metal has been stretched rather than punched, reducing scrap metal waste; making it cost-effective. The main considerations when using expanded metal will be the chosen thickness and strand dimensions. Expanded metal can be almost transparent; it has mechanical properties and is an excellent conductor.  Expanded metal sheet works well for steps, flooring in factories and on construction rigging, fences, wash stations, and security applications.

Perforated metal sheet

Perforated metal comes in a virtually endless variety of sizes, gauges, hole shapes and material types. Hole diameters range from a few thousandths of an inch to more than 3 inches, punched in material as thin as foil or as thick as 1-inch steel plate. From lightweight decorative elements to load-bearing structural components, perforated metal offers unique opportunities to combine strength, functionality and beauty.

Perforated metal can be made into a multitude of products such as: screens, filters, baskets, trash cans, tubing, light fixtures, vents, audio speaker covers and patio furniture.