80x80 Mesh .0055" Wire .0070" Opening 31.4% OA

Filtering Gases, Liquids and Solids Using Stainless Steel Mesh

When someone thinks about the uses for wire mesh, window screens or the heavy metal screen you use on the fireplace comes to mind.  However, there are so many uses for wire mesh, including separating or filtering gases, liquids, and solids.  In fact, these days, we can make stainless steel mesh so small, that it can actually […]

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8x8 Mesh .063" Wire .062" Opening 24.6% OA

Comparing Different Grades of Stainless Steel

Stainless steel is available in many “grades”, each having different properties, but how do you know what will be best to fit your needs.  Lawrence Sintered Metals offers different grades, which are 304 and 316 stainless steel.  So, which one would best fit the needs of your next wire mesh project? Grade A2 Stainless Steel […]

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How Can Sintered Wire Mesh Help Keep Your Water Cleaner

After we all witnessed the water crisis in Flint, Michigan our water safety is not necessarily guaranteed.  Any oversight, even the smallest oversight can lead to a significant health crisis when the water supply has been contaminated.  Since this water crisis you will notice there is more of a concern and interest in water filtration […]

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2x2 Mesh .0632x2 Mesh .063" Wire .437" Opening 76.4% OA

What Is Stainless Steel Wire Mesh?

Here at Lawrence Sintered Metals, we offer wire mesh in a variety of different alloys, but our most popular metal is stainless steel. What is stainless steel, and why does it make such an excellent wire mesh option? We’re going to explore that question in this article so that you can make a more informed […]

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Why Is It Important to Know the Tensile Strengths of Metal Mesh?

If you are in the market for stainless steel metal mesh and different types of wire mesh, you might notice that many descriptions of different metals and alloys include some mention of tensile strength. Most of the metals used to make metal mesh have good tensile strength, and that’s no coincidence. What is tensile strength, […]

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