lawrence sintered metals

Big dogs are…well, big. They can do some pretty hefty damage to your home even if they’re just trying to be playful. Take your screen door for instance. Most screen doors are made out of a very light screen fabric, meant to shield your home from bugs, not hold up to a 100-pound dog leaping into it.

Your big dog, with her sharp claws, could easily shred your screen door or even knock out the screen if she gets too excited. This isn’t just inconvenient for you. It can actually be dangerous for your dog. What if she knocks the screen out and then decides to wander around the neighborhood. She could get lost or get hurt in the street.

If you own a big dog, or if your puppy is growing up fast, consider replacing your screen doors with a heavier grade of metal screen. At Lawrence Sintered Metals, we offer a variety of different metal screens. You can maintain the beauty of your home with strong screen doors that will keep your best friend safe indoors.

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