lawrence sintered metals

Anything can be art, whether that means paint on a canvas or fluttering fabrics twisting in the wind. Anyone with a vision can also be an artist. You don’t have to paint like da Vinci, carve like Michelangelo, or design something like Notre Dame to be worthy. In fact, plenty of the most fascinating pieces of art look like they were scrabbled together by sifting through a dumpster. Heck, Can Togay and Gyula Pauer put out a bunch of shoes in Hungary, and “The Shoes On The Danube Bank,” has become a national treasure.

What art do you have inside of you? Do you dream of constructing a monstrous spider like the stunning (and more than a little creepy) sculpture at the Tate Modern in London? Or how about dreaming up hippos wading through a cobbled path, like the famous statues in Taiwan?

Whatever art is inside of you, let it out. If your art requires steel mesh, we can help. We make all sorts of steel mesh. Let’s see how you can turn it into a fascinating, whimsical, or dramatic artistic statement.

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